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Welcome to Arkfeld Compliance!

The main goal of Arkfeld Compliance, LLC is to educate, train, and assist healthcare providers in the correct coding, documentation, and the use of technology in their offices. Healthcare is changing, and all physicians are facing greater scrutiny of their coding, billing, and documentation. Profiling is here to stay, along with post-payment audits. A mandatory compliance program is now required physician offices nationwide. Who is going to keep your office up to date with all these new healthcare administration policies of Medicare and other third party payers? We will.

Many offices are not coding, billing, or documenting correctly, which is costing them money due to lack of education and training in these areas. Who can teach your insurance staff and physicians are correct coding and documentation? We can.

Welcome to the NACC, The National Academy of Chiropractic Coders The National Academy of Chiropractic Coders (NACC) is a first of its kind program for coding education and certification. The NACC was developed and is especially for chiropractors, insurance CA's, and office managers. Click here:National Academy of Chiropractic Coders